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Handle with care

Italy, 2018

color / BW - DSLR - 78'


A mysterious artifact, taken from a collection of unusual testimonies of the past, is filled with attentions by a team of specialists. It looks like a futuristic sculpture, but we discover that it is a scientific instrument.The film follows, step by step, the restoration of a 1950 particle accelerator at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan. We observe the restoration of materials, surfaces and valves, the recovery of memories and gestures. It is a collective ritual: restorers, curators, ancient users of the machine work to transform a "thing", taken from the everyday life of a laboratory, into a museum "object", keeper of different stories.

> 2018. 국제무형유산영상축제 IIFF International Intangible Film Festival, Jeonju, Korea
> 2018. ARTEFACTS XXII 2017, Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris
> 2018. Cape Town International Film Market and Festival
> 2018. 360° Science and Technology Film Festival, Moscow
> 2018. 42 Laceno D'oro
> 2019. 78th The Society for Applied Anthropology Film Festival, Philadelphia

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